Become a customer

Who can acquire a customer status?

The status of a customer can be obtained by companies (Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock company, Limited Partnership, Partnership Companies), entrepreneurs (independent trade shops, catering shops) as well as other organization forms.

Required documentation

  1. Excerpt from the register of business entities, ie the Agency for Business Registers
  2. PIB
  3. OP form (representative’s certified signatures) for persons signing the cooperation agreement
  4. Card of deposited signatures not older than 30 days
  5. Three (3) registered bills of exchange in the bank with a registration certificate
  6. The seal

Payment methods

GRAND HORECA offers its customers several payment options:

  • Cash payment
  • Payment order
  • Deferred payment

Delivery of goods

GRAND HORECA provides delivery services to all professional customers, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, canteens, small shops, newsstands, public companies, enterprises, wholesalers, etc.
We deliver the goods from Monday to Saturday, six days a week in the period from 7am to 5pm on the wide territory of the city of Belgrade.
Ordered goods worth a minimum of 5,000 RSD by 11am will be delivered the same day.

Kako postati dobavljač

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