Responsible business

Our very important business asset is domestic products’ export to EU countries, Russia, Great Britain….
We understand the needs of our customers and offer them products they need at the best prices.
Our products come from leading factories in Serbia with which we have cooperation agreements.
The reliability of our products guarantees the best standard of quality as well as shelf life, making us a reliable partner for traders around the world.
The satisfaction of our clients abroad is our greatest success.


In addition to exporting goods, we offer fast delivery at the agreed time and in perfect condition We deliver the goods with all the accompanying documentation. We organize export customs clearance. We have long-term cooperation agreements with the transport companies we do our business with.

Our clients

Our selection of soft drinks and other products is intended for wholesalers, distributors, supermarkets, as well as small shops specializing in Serbian products.
Professional and multi-lingual Grand Horeca support staff will help the customer step by step.

Please, contact us for any questions, we will be happy to answer.